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I took a policy with this RL360 a Royal London and they promise if i do invest a certain fixed yearly amount with them after a 15 year you will get as worst scenario the equal amount you was giving at the end of 15 years and they said the first 2 -and half year you will pay for the insurance police but at the end of 15 year you will get all money back as your units are growing up plus an add value wich is you are going to be insured against accidental death or illness all this tme ! But what a surprise your unit never rise up and never enough to equal the amount you invested but in fact the company took from you almost 33% from your capital.

So I will give a practical example about my meaning 15 year fixed amount each year usd$11.249 total amount after 15 year is usd$168.750 . But the reality is only they will payback you usd$113.650 after 15 year. So doing the math you will find the following things. So they screw policyholders with a net loss of usd$55.085.

The funny thing it’s always you investment it’s losing money so never ever your money will pair the amount you invested at the end of 15 year as they said. In my concept don’t ever never do an invest in that company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Royal London 360 Investment Service.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I had the same issue. I do not trust them anymore.


Do you have more information on this company?


Hi,You should talk to the Offshore Litigation Group, a independent group of people just like you that have lost money by investing with RL360 and others.The group helps you get your money back without paying expense lawyers and legal fees.What country were you in.Feel free to email me at katiebaileyglos@gmail.com or connect with me on LinkedIn visit www.offshorelitigationgroup.comHope this helpsKatie


The web page is not working, could you please confirm the web address?