I recently transferred my pension via an adviser in Dubai to a QROP with Royal London 360. The funds have been suspended and I have now found out the IFA took 15% commission.

On complaining I am told that neither the IFA or Royal London are authorised to sell me this type of investment and insurance in Dubai.

The IFA has told me that he cannot help as he is actually a BVI company and that it is Royal Londons fault. I now find that Royal London arent registered here either..........................What can I do to get some of my money back and who should I complain to?

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I have a similar situation and interested to know if anyone has tested this and had an outcome?


Please take notice that RL360 INSURANCE COMPANY, LTD (the Plaintiff), has initiated an action in the Superior Court of the State of Arizona in and for the County of Maricopa, Case No. CV2016-004485 (the Action).

In the Action, the Plaintiff seeks to subpoena Consumer Opinion, LLC for your contact information, IP address, any other information which would identify you, and any other messages that you have posted on the website known as PissedConsumer.com, under Review #474888, or any other review posted by you about the Plaintiff.

If you do not respond within 10 business days with your true and correct contact information to our law firm via email (kwpostcompliance@gmail.com) or by telephone (480-588-0449), we will subpoena the records as outlined above.

You may have a right to file and serve a response to the subpoena anonymously. If you intend to file and serve a response, please do so, or notify us of your intent to do so, on or before March 11, 2016.


HSBC plans to introduce £5 a day overdraft charge

The bank claims this will mean informal borrowing charges are 'reduced for the majority of customers'

HSBC overdaft charges

HSBC and its subsidiary First Direct will send text messages to customers who go over their pre-arranged limit. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian Christopher Thomond/Guardian

Miles Brignall

Saturday 16 August 2014 07.06 BST Last modified on Thursday 21 August 2014 10.44 BST Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email Share on LinkedIn Share on Google+ Shares 44 Comments 6 HSBC and its subsidiary First Direct are introducing a new £5 a day charge for all customers who stray over their pre-arranged overdraft limits.

The move, which comes into force in November, replaces the current £25 set-up fee charged each time a customer goes into their informal overdraft – which is typically £250 or £500 depending on the bank. HSBC claims the new charging structure will mean informal borrowing charges are "reduced for the majority of customers", although for some users the daily charge could result in higher fees. The banks are also lowering the maximum amount account holders can be charged as result of going over their limit. After November they will be capped at £80 in one monthly charging period – down from the current maximum of £150.

HSBC and First Direct will also send text messages to alert customers who go over their pre-arranged limit, though they will not be charged if their balance is back within it before 11.45pm on the same day. The banks say there is no fee for an informal overdraft request of £10 or less. Andy Mielczarek, head of retail products at HSBC, says: "These changes have been designed to provide a simpler way for customers to understand the cost of any borrowing not agreed in advance, while we have maintained the great value offered on our agreed overdrafts, which have no fees and purely charge interest on what is borrowed." He says research by HSBC found that customers preferred to keep the option to go into informal borrowing as they would rather have access to funds than face unpaid bills. Andrew Hagger of Moneycomms.co.uk points out that, unlike some of its rivals, HSBC hasn't shifted the cost burden for unauthorised borrowing by increasing the costs for agreed overdrafts.

"To avoid being hit with unauthorised overdraft charges, customers should be encouraged to arrange an authorised overdraft limit with their bank, even if they don't think they're going to use it," he says. Customers will not be charged further overdraft usage fees if their account remains in informal overdraft for more than 30 consecutive days.


The selling point with these platforms is that you can access pretty much any freely traded asset and that can be very attractive especially if you want to invest in niche sectors. It is a double edge sword because some of these investment are a lot smaller and arguable more risky.

It is not the job of Royal London 360 to play fund police any more than Interactive Brokers police any of your stock picks even though companies can and do collapse. Sure, your adviser is probably *** of the earth and a retard to boot, but you authorised him/her to do this and if you point the finger, 3 point back


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You are not authorised to conduct ANY insurance business on your moe rep office license ms Natalie hall and you 100 percent know this. No extra clarity is required as u do not have a license and your activities and midis operandi with bvi companies is criminal.

No policy is valid under UAE law from a non admitted insuer and victims need to report this at he Dubai police station (sgt Ahmed in CID) to get parsons arrested and money back......


I would like to correct the misleading information in this thread. RL360° is authorised to conduct business in the UAE through our Representative Office licence from the Ministry of Economy.

Recent discussions between the Insurance Authority and certain Insurance Authority authorised firms have shown that clarity is required regarding advisers dealing with insurance companies who are authorised by UAE institutions other than the Insurance Authority.

Along with other companies, RL360° has had an application pending with the Insurance Authority for many years.

We understand that the Insurance Authority may now be considering ending the moratorium on new licenses and, if so, we welcome this development.

In the meantime we are not aware of any changes to our Representative Office status and will remain open for business for all advisers that have the appropriate regulatory status.

If I can help anyone with individual enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards Natalie Hall Director of Marketing, RL360 Email: natalie.hall@rl360.com www.rl360.com


It is clear from above senior management are complicit in this fraud. To sell insurance without a insurance authority licence to do so is a federal criminal offence.

They are also not using licensed brokers but any old joe with a bvi - another criminal offence!

Anyone with a problem simply needs to file a police complaint against the local manager and then send a copy of this to the insurance authority and esca. The comment above by the marketing director is outrageous - this is white collar financial crime and must be stopped as must the unlicensed boiler rooms they use to tout their awful products.


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Ha! You are pretty "slick," are you not?


hi is your matter still remain unresolved? please contact me I am in exactly the same situation as you.

there could be a joint action. leave contact details via sms on uae number 0504437052 thanks.


These jokers are getting run out of town under new licensing laws - just keep reporting them to the police and the public prosecution will haul them before the courts.


Hi , I would like to help! I have also had an experience with royal London 360!


Do you know anything about Royal London 360? I just started some investment with them.

Head of Customer Services is Richard Gerrard on my confirmed policy letter. Is there something I should be aware of and should I consider cancelling my new investment policy with them because they are not licensed/legitimate?

@***cerned new investor with RL

Get a tub of Vaseline ready, so you will be well lubed for your ordeal, yet to come!

@***cerned new investor with RL

Yes, phone RL360 and cancel the plan, that way your adviser can get a claw-back. Your adviser will be better off without it as he will otherwise squander his massive rips on blow and ***


Actually it was called Prestige Wealth Solutions


Let me guess - Holborn or Devere?


The distribution of insurance products by a product provider or by an unlicensed broker or a combination of both is in breach of Federal Law Number 4. File a police complaint outlining the size of your loss at one of the police stations.

I would name the individual at Royal London who will be called in for questioning.

This person may be able to help: -

James Parsons

International Sales Consultant - Middle East

Mobile: +971(0)50 7185089

If they do have a license they will show it and will also be required to produce the license of the IFA they allowed to sell you the investment plan. If they do not have both then you can claim your investment back off them.