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buyer beware:

"Clicking that result to visit my own forum, I saw that some MMM readers had gone through some very bad experiences with the company:

RL360 Insurance – I dun Goofed

Even more interestingly, there was another website in those search results that stated: “I have taken down the contents of this page due to an ongoing legal procedure against me.” The original title of the article was apparently “The RL360 scam – my $15,000 Investment lesson”, and an older version of the text is still available on

My legal team and I are still waiting to find out exactly what is in the accompanying lawsuit behind this subpoena from RL360, but I am pretty excited to see it.

The *** Field of “Reputation Management”

There is a whole category of companies that regularly review their own search engine results, and if they see something they don’t like, they send lawsuits to the owners of the offending websites. The practice is so common, it’s called a “Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation” (SLAPP). The practice is illegal in many states, but not all of them yet. Federal laws are needed to prevent it on a US-wide basis.

The goal of these lawsuits is to scare the website owner into taking down the content. That won’t work here at Mr. Money Mustache, because the site has enough attorney readers (and income) that it can afford to publicize and defend against any suit."

Reason of review: corporate suppression of free expression.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: drop your lawsuits and behave like a good corporate citizen.

Royal London 360 Cons: Strategic lawsuit against public participation.

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