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Dear Sir or Madam,

Please can you remove the thread for Royal London 360, which is completely incorrect and misleading.

RL360° is authorised to conduct business in the UAE through our Representative Office licence from the Ministry of Economy. Recent discussions between the Insurance Authority and certain Insurance Authority authorised firms have shown that clarity is required regarding advisers dealing with insurance companies who are authorised by UAE institutions other than the Insurance Authority.

Along with other companies, RL360° has had an application pending with the Insurance Authority for many years. We understand that the Insurance Authority may now be considering ending the moratorium on new licenses and, if so, we welcome this development.

In the meantime we are not aware of any changes to our Representative Office status and will remain open for business for all advisers that have the appropriate regulatory status.

Many thanks,Natalie HallDirector of Marketing,

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Anger as rip-off mortgage fees soar to record £1,500

MILLIONS of homebuyers are being hit by soaring mortgage arrangement fees despite the cost of borrowing falling, new figures reveal.


PUBLISHED: 01:01, Wed, Apr 10, 2013 | UPDATED: 10:12, Wed, Jan 28, 2015


Millions of homeowners are being hit by rising mortgage arrangement fees Millions of homeowners are being hit by rising mortgage arrangement fees The average fee charged by banks and other lenders has risen by £112 over the past three months to a record high of £1,522. Many first-time buyers have faced even steeper one-off fees.

A buyer with a 10 per cent deposit looking for a two-year fixed mortgage has typically seen charges rocket by £500 to £1,423. Critics say the rip-off fees undermine the Government’s efforts to boost the housing market with schemes such as Funding for Lending. Sylvia Waycot, for said the fees were the highest it had recorded in 25 years. She added: “It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of heavily marketed mortgages that shout about low interest rates.

“But these will often be at the expense of high fees. “If the Government is serious about re-kindling the mortgage market it should ensure all its subscribed lenders offer mortgages that exclude hiked up charges that are hidden behind low rates.” Marc Gander, founder of Consumer Action Group, said: “The banks have found another way of abusing the help and incentives the Government has provided to get the housing market up and ­ running. Homebuyers, property, mortgage, borrowingHomebuyers are being charged a record high of £1,522 for mortgage arrangement fees Every step of the way the banks spot a way to make more money Marc Gander, founder of Consumer Action Group “Every step of the way the banks spot a way to make more money.

“If they charge less interest then their victims will have more money to pay out in fees – and they will, because people are desperate to get on the ladder. It is very sad.” Bernard Clarke, spokesman for the Council of Mortgage Lenders, said: “Low mortgage rates deliver a much greater benefit to consumers than the effects of any average increase in one-off up-front fees.”


Last month my bank account with HSBC went £1.21 overdrawn which I didn't notice. The bank didn't notify me and they took £150 charges out of my account without my knowledge leaving me even more over drawn.

When i found out, I used my savings and paid the overdrawn money back, but now I Have been notified that because I went overdrawn again (because of the charges they took out), they are taking another £150 out this month??

How can they justify now £300 of charges for me not realising I had gone £1.21 overdraw. I'm furious [smilie=013.gif]


this website sucks big massive rhino balls!!! bunch of idiots!!!


I like your name. Does it mean rob everybody in a 360 degree radius?


They don't use licensed brokers - this post by their own marketing team is FALSE!!!!!!!!! Do not trust rl360 as they are comitting a crime by doing the above - liars.............


LIES LIES LIES. This is utter rubbish.

RL360 use unlicensed brokers as the boys I worked for was a BVI. No licenses no qualifications end of story. A commercial trade license doesnt mean selling insurance is is CRIMINAL without insurance authority approval.

If you are unhappy with advice or product - go to the police station and file a complaint against Mr Parsons and Mrs Hall. Then take this report to ESCA and the Insurance Authority who will make sure these criminals get locked up, u get you money back and the broker is shut down

Firms like this need stopping so I would take a copy of the post above to show they have no intention of stopping even though they know they don't have a license and use boiler rooms to see their terrible product