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The posts by Ms Natalie Hall of RL 360 here beggar belief. She knows full well her evil insurance company has no insurance authority license to operate within the UAE and that to do so is in completely illegal.

A DeD license is completely difference from being licensed to provide insurance - the former is like having a company at companies house and the second is like being registered with the FSA. They wouldn't operate in the UK without FSA authorisation so why do they do it in the UAE - GREED...... Any disattisfied client MUST complain to the police station and file a complaint against their staff in this country so they can be sure of getting their money back. The Isle of Man office just ignores complaints and hides behind the same lies as Ms Hall.

RL 360 are money laundering and aiding financial crime by allowing BVI companies to use their unlicensed products within the UAE and MUST be stopped. the best way to do this is with the police first and insurance authority second.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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RL 360 Quantum is a cruel investment vehicle designed to eat away the hard-earned savings from the unsuspecting (trusting) investor.


Please take notice that RL360 INSURANCE COMPANY, LTD (the Plaintiff), has initiated an action in the Superior Court of the State of Arizona in and for the County of Maricopa, Case No. CV2016-004485 (the Action).

In the Action, the Plaintiff seeks to subpoena Consumer Opinion, LLC for your contact information, IP address, any other information which would identify you, and any other messages that you have posted on the website known as PissedConsumer.com, under Review #541894, or any other review posted by you about the Plaintiff.

If you do not respond within 10 business days with your true and correct contact information to our law firm via email (kwpostcompliance@gmail.com) or by telephone (480-588-0449), we will subpoena the records as outlined above.

You may have a right to file and serve a response to the subpoena anonymously. If you intend to file and serve a response, please do so, or notify us of your intent to do so, on or before March 11, 2016.


She's not a barefaced liar, she's a good GFE - leave her alone.


do you think Dr. Evil, Mini Me and Gold Member are all part ofthe evil empire?

Is this one big conspiracy by Dr.

Evil??!?!?!?! Quick call the police to stop this now!!!!


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Allah Akhbar!!!! Let's all get along and make money for the good of the arab world!!!


So the lump sum insurance contract I was sold by my IFA is illegal? The IFA isn't around any longer so can I take rl360 to court I order to get my premium back?


Leaches. Companies like this should be run out of dodge.

Wot a bunch of cowboys..... Who r the jokers behind this outfit?